IMEX s.r.l.

Imex srl was founded in 2013 by Orlando Vito and Shapar Elena, intrapreuners and spouses sharing love for their origins and land. Thus, they created a brand whose name comes from an old and illustrious Sicilian family, the “Orlando” whose sphere of influence comprised Caltagirone, Salemi and Palermo. The founders were so proud for inheriting such an illustrious Surname that decided to use the original araldic symbol for their brand, so honouring the best products of their land and exhalting their quality, values, history, culture. This passion became their job, their mission.

Their indissoluble bond with Sicily, their homeland, as well as interest and passion for typical products of the soil, nowadays particularly for the wine. are the keys to their success in promoting typical products in all their aspects.

Imex srl does not cultivate vineyards for its wine production, in fact it is devoted to the selection of best wines taking care of the wine-making process, honouring the product with their brand with the scope of making high quality wines whose local typical characteristics are recognizable as well as presented in new ways following new trends of consumption, both in the domestic and international markets.