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Feb 17, 2018 · Within my first hour of playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance, I was beaten up by the town drunk. By the end of the almost 70 hours I spent with it, I was sizing up a trio of bandits with a smirk on my real-life face, knowing even together they were no match for my steel and the extensive training I’d received under some of the toughest knights in this beautifully recreated medieval land.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an open world, action-adventure, role-playing game featuring blockbuster production values, a nonlinear story and revolutionary, first-person melee combat. 8 Great

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Jun 28, 2017 · Kingdom Come: Deliverance - PlayStation4. $59.99 on Gamestop. Dan Stapleton is IGN's Executive Editor of Reviews. Trade Simpsons quotes with him on Twitter at @DanStapleton.

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Feb 13, 2018 · Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a huge first person GDR that can count on an higher level of immersion when compared with other similar productions. The combat system is amazing and, even if it will take you some hours to handle a sword correctly, all the time will spent will be worth it.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an RPG that does the medieval era right with a refreshingly small-scale story and strong realistic combat. Ad IGN Southeast Asia is operated under license by Media Prima Digital Sdn Bhd

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance review A humble blacksmith’s son is thrust into a bloody war in the scrappy, ambitious Kingdom Come: Deliverance. By Andy Kelly 2018-02-14T11:55:44Z Review .

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Jun 15, 2018 · An honest, in-depth review of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, after 500+ hours of play, from Sleepless Knight. *The opinions given in this review are my own, and are not influenced in any way by third

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Feb 17, 2018 · To Kingdom Come’s credit, the actors, scenery, and textures do look fantastic on the highest detail level – but unless you have an extremely beefy system, you probably won’t be able to enjoy

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Rooted within the Holy Roman Empire during the late Middle Ages, Kingdom Come: Deliverance promises a first-person seat to a harsh and brutal power struggle for the throne. As players traverse expansive, strikingly detailed locales, they’ll grapple with a range of period-accurate fighting

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